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Sunday, January 8, 2012

He hits me back!

Children's honesty and innocence is refreshing and revealing! When working with a little guy recently he told me about his bad day. It seems he had ran into another little boy and knocked him to the ground. Then he said the other little guy had "made a big deal about it!" He said the teacher told him to watch where he was going. That didn't go over very well because he felt he had done nothing wrong. "Everyone forgets to watch where they are going sometimes!"

Then he explained to me that he didn't like the other boy anyway. "Why not?" I asked. "Because he hits me back!" How revealing. We all laugh at this little remark but aren't we all like that at times in our lives. We knock someone down with our words, then they "make a big deal about it", we don't apologize, they comment back to us and others and then we are angry because "He (or she) hit us back!"

When I asked him if he had said he was sorry his beautiful brown eyes got big and he told me no. I said maybe next time he should just say sorry. Hopefully I will remember to take my own advice in the future.

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