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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Africa's Big Bowl

Over the course of a few weeks a second-grade student and I had discussed Africa. We had covered many wonderful things but the issue of children being hungry had, of course, stuck in his mind. He had asked me many questions about it. I sponsor a child from World Vision so he had been extremely interested to know if she was hungry. You never really know what a child is picturing in their mind or how they are processing what you are teaching!

One morning he became very serious and told me he had been thinking about the four thousand people in Africa and how they were hungry. He said, "I just keep thinking about those 4,000 people and the big bowl they eat out of. How they eat and there is not enough and some kids go home hungry." He was gesturing with his hand how they would eat out of the bowl. He held his arms up to show me the big bowl. He was not joking and was acting very sad. I asked him who told him there were four thousand? He said, "I just made that part up."

I really wasn't sure where to go with my teaching on this subject. I explained there was not one big bowl and that the people sometimes just need help to get their food. This is why we sponsor children and pray for other countries. I have to wonder what other topics we discuss and learn about that he sees something very different in his mind~

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